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Frigidaire "Enhanced" PureSourcePLUS Ice & Water Filtration System WFCB

This is the original filter shipped directly from Frigidaire

- Reduces Lead, cysts, particulates, chlorine taste and odor.

- Fits all PureSourcePlus refrigerator models manufactured by Frigidaire Home Products

This is also the replacement water filter for the RC-200.

The PureSourcePlus enhanced ice and water replacement filter cartridge provides you with clean, fresh-tasting ice and water.

This replacement water filter has been strenuously tested and certified by NSF International. It protects your family by reducing all of the following

Operating Specifications:

Maximum operating temperature.........100 Degrees F

Minimum operating temperature..........33 Degrees F

Max/Min. Working pressure..............125 PSIG/30 PSIG

Rated Capacity...............6 months or 200 Gallons, whi8chever comes first.


Cysts by 99.99%
Particulates (class 1) by 99.80%
Turbidity by 99.70%
Lead by 99.30%
Chlorine (class 1) by 97.80%
2,4-D a common herbicide, by 94.20%, and Atrazine by 94.90%
Toxaphene, a common pesticide by 87.50%
Fits all Frigidaire filter-equipped refrigerator models manufactured before 2001 energy compliant regulations.

Be cautious when buying water filters, make sure that you buy the factory original cause replica's will not filtrate nor flow as well as the original factory OEM

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