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Orginal Ice/Water Filtration System Frigidaire PureSource 2 WF2CB.

- Reduces Lead, chlorine taste and odor, cysts, particulates, and some herbicides and pesticides.

- Fits all PureSource 2 Refrigerator models manufactured by Frigidaire

 Fits all front cassette models!

PureSource2TM Ice and Water Filtration System - Frigidaire's newest, most advanced filtration system ever! Built for the Next Generation of 2001 energy-compliant Frigidaire refrigerator models. This filter is designed for convenience, appearance, and function with its front, on-touch loading system.

This replacement filter has been strenuously tested and certified by NSF International (the internationally recognized authority on water quality). The PureSource2TM filtration system is built into the inside of your refrigerator for replacment ease and convenience. It's advanced engineering reduces:

Cysts by 99.99%
Particulates (class 1) by 98.5%
Turbidity by 99.70%
Lead by 99.30%
Particulates (class III) by more than 98.6%
Mercury by 91%
Herbicides 1,4-D by 96%, Alachlor by 98%, and Atraxine by 98%
Pesticides Lindane by 92% and Toxaphene by 87.5%

Do not  use substitute filters that are not original factory filters!!!!

They will not filtrate as well as the factory OEM!!!

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