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Clogged dryer ducting reduces your clothes dryer efficiency and, more importantly, is a fire hazard. 

This package has everything you need to clean your dryer ducting properly and easily. 

The kit includes:

 4 36" Long Flexible Rods - can screw together to reach into vents up to 12ft from end to end
 1 Self Feeding 4" Auger Brush - makes multiple turns in your vent
 1 Blockage Removal Tool - removes heavy blockage and clears gutter downspouts
 1 Large 2.5" dia Lint Brush with a 42" reach!
 1 Vacuum Adapter - attach a shop vac or blower to remove the lint while rotary brushing
 1 Dryer Adapter - for when you don't have a shop vac or blower, use the air from the dryer
 Operator's manual with detailed instructions, illustrations, and safety tips for dryer safety and maintenance

The DVC202 LintEater Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit is a stocked item and ready to be shipped to you today.

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