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Frigidaire Range Igniter 5303935066

This is a brand new, Frigidaire (Electrolux) Genuine gas range ignitor to replace your burnt out one. Comes with everything you need, ceramic wire nuts, and basic instructions. This kit is also used with the Eaton NC4100 series valves and replaces Norton Ignitor 501A (flat style). Also replaces: Athens: P205-013, P205-016, P205-017, P205-034 and P205-036, Brown: 180-2A216, GE/Hotpoint: WB2X4528, WB2X4600 and WB2X10016, Gibson: AP205013 and AP205016, Gray & Dudley: 88177, Harpco: 54099H05, Maycor: 7432P062-60, Maytag: 12400035, Norton/Eaton: IGN-5,Tappan/O'Keefe & Merritt: 316T023P11, 316T031P01, 316T031P02 and 355T419S03, and Whirlpool: 814269.


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