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The new way of cooking is finally here!!!!! 

Portable Induction Cooker Frigidaire FGIC13P3KS

Comes with a simple magnet in order to test cookware for proper usertable Induction Burner FGIC13P3KS

Frigidaire's New Portable Induction Cooker gives you the ability to cook great meals anywhere.

  • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry electric cooker.
  • Does not take up a lot of surface space.
  • Comes with high quality induction pan
  • Fast and efficient heating.
  • Precise control of temperature and greater heat consistency.
  • Uses Induction heating, a non-contact method of heating which is flameless with no heated surface, so there is no heat build-up and no carcinogenic fumes in your cooking environment.
  • Safe, family friendly as there is no flame and comes with child lock out feature and auto shut off.
  • Ceramic plate - easy to clean.
  • Induction is the most efficient use of cook-top energy

What is induction cooking?
When we cook on a stove top, be it electric or gas, the task really being performed is the heating of food that is contained within a vessel of some type. In other words, you are heating a pot or pan containing food. The beauty of induction cooking lies in the fact that no heat is transferred from a source to the cook vessel, the cook vessel itself is the source of heat through the power of Electromagnetic induction.

Wikipedia defines Electromagnetic induction as "the production of voltage across a conductor situated in a changing magnetic field or a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field." The conductor in this case is the cookware and the magnetic field is created by the "burner element" or more accurately, the induction coil underneath the surface of the induction cooktop.

How an induction cooker works
The “burner” element part of an induction cooktop is actually a powerful, high-frequency electromagnet. When the element is turned on, electricity powers an induction coil located under the burner's surface. When the proper cookware is used -- iron, enamel and some stainless steel -- creating a magnetic field between the surface of the element and cookware placed on the burner's surface. The burner element itself does not produce heat, the heat is actually produced by the pot or pan itself through eddy currents generated within the metal. If the field is broken, i.e. by the pan being removed, the current ceases to exist and heat is stopped.


Safe and family Friendly

No flame or fire prevents any possible burns caused by conventional hotplates. The cooktop never gets warm safe to touch while on. Use in place of traditional buffet burners to keep food warm during the next family buffet, holiday gathering, party, or get together. Great for heating up and keeping soups, sauces, dips and other food items warm for serving.

This cooker is similar in portability and small size as induction hotplates and is great for using in your vacation home, boat, during camping, cabin, college dorm room, break room, basement, or any place you have tight cooking quarters.

The freestanding cooker works with cookware made with a magnetic bottom and works well with stainless steel, iron, and enamel cookware. Do not use aluminum, glass, or ceramic cook ware with this cooker. Comes with a simple magnet in order to test cook ware for proper use.

Portable Induction Cooker Specifications:

  • 110V
  • UL approved
  • 120 to 1300 watts range – Quickly boils water, keeps foods warm (sauces, soups, dips, chocolate)
  • Tap touch electronics
  • Six power levels
  • 10 ¼" diameter cooking area - Fits nearly all cookware in the US/Canada
  • Child lock out
  • 180 minute timer
  • Automatic pan sensor - Detects and gives an audible beep if improper cookware is used on it.

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