SU 43558 : CTC Model 43558 Programmable Multi-Stage Thermostat

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CTC Model 43558 Programmable Multi-Stage Thermostat

The Model 43558 digital multi-stage heat pump thermostat combines the latest in digital temperature control to ensure a trouble-free installation every time.  The auto recovery and energy monitor features assure the homeowner maximum comfort and energy savings, evenin the coldest weather, while energy cost savings pay back their original investment.


    * Latching relay assures system compatibility
    * Electronic digital accuracy
    * Large, easy-to-read display
    * Energy Monitor - stores the amount of time the heating and AC system have been operating
    * Filter Monitor
    * Temporary, Permanent, and Vacation Hold
    * 7 Day Programming - 4 program periods per day
    * 'System On' indicators
    * Armchair programming - program your thermostat while sitting down, then snap it on the wallplate
    * Programmable fan
    * "Home Today" feature - quickly override your program if you happen to be home when you are normally away
    * Keyboard lock
    * Auto heat recovery
    * 3-year warranty
    * AC powered with 2 AAA battery backup (must have 24V Common, batteries for backup only)
    * INDIGLO® backlight

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