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B2007409 Stainless Steel Flavor Grid/ Heat Plate Viking  (007905-000 new number)

What is a flavor grid?

Many people have the need for this product but do not know what the proper name for the flavor grid.  This product may also be called a spill tray, heat plate or burner protector.  This product is a rippled or zig-zagged stainless steel plate above the burners, but below the cooking surface.  The actual size is 5 15/16" x 21".  This Flavor Grid will fit most Viking Outdoor Grills  (prior to "T" series,  VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT these are examples of "T" series (ending in "T")  This product is also sometimes called a "heat plate" or "heat generator".

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The models this grid goes into are listed below:




  • VGBQ4103R
  • VGBQ4122R
  • VGBQ5304R
  • VGBQ5323R
  • VGBQ3002R

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