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Stain Remover Goo Gone GG12


List price: $5.69

Our price : $3.69

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Stain Remover Goo Gone GG12

Goo Gone removes Grease, Gum, Stickers, Crayon, Tape, Make-up, Oil, Wet Paint, Scuff Marks, Shoe Polish, Tree sap, Asphalt, Candle wax, Glue and much more... For all those gooey, sticky, gummy, greasy cleaning problems Removes chewing gum, grease, tar, stickers, labels, tape residue, oil, blood, lipstick and mascara, shoe polish, crayon, bumper stickers Works on carpets, upholstery, clothing, wood, and cement Environmentally safe and can be used on any surface!


Iron Out Rust & Stain Remover

CODE: Io12n

List price: $12.36

Our price : $9.53

You save: $2.83 (23%)
Iron Out Rust & Stain Remover is for Toilets, Sinks, Tubs, White Clothes, Dishwashers, Water Softener Cleaner & more. Super Iron Out changes rust & iron into clear solution that easily rinses away. SIO can be used on virtually all surfaces & will not harm fiberglass, porcelain, or acrylic finishes. SIO also whitens, brightens & removes rust stains from white clothes and fabrics.

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