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How Does a Microwave Work?

Microwaves form part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and their frequency is situated between infrared waves and radio and television waves. Scientists during World War II realised that these microwaves then used in communication systems had other uses. Since then, the early technology has been transformed into the modern, sophisticated kitchen appliance. In an oven cavity, a magnetron transforms electrical energy at low frequency into high frequency microwaves and sends this concentrated energy down a waveguide, which enters the food. The energy makes the water molecules in the food vibrate at 2.5 billion times a second and heating occurs due to rotation of the water molecules.

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Microwave Cavity Paint By QB Products for $10.95

CODE: 98QBP0300

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Microwave Cavity Paint By QB Products

Formulated specifically to use in microwave oven cavities. Color: Snow white (bright white for newer microwaves). Size: 6 oz. spray.  Microwave Cavity Paint is specially formulated to provide a "like new" finish to the inside of microwave ovens.



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