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Garbage Disposer

How are Garbage Disposers helpful to our enviroment?

Food scraps range from 10% to 20% of household waste, and are a problematic component of municipal waste, creating public health, sanitation and environmental problems at each step, beginning with internal storage and truck-based collection. Burned in waste-to-energy facilities, the high water-content of food scraps does not generate energy; buried in landfills, food scraps decompose and generate methane gas, which is highly potent as a contributor to global warming (21 times more potent than carbon dioxide.)  That is the reason for our modern day Garbage Disposer.

Most people wouldn't be able to live without their garbage disposals. They help keep the kitchen smelling fresh, help reduce potentially harmful bacteria and make cleaning up after meals a breeze. With a little care and maintenance, a garbage disposal should last several years. However, like all other appliances, garbage disposals do occasionally malfunction or die. When this happens, you'll need a little information and a little know-how in order to repair or replace your disposal.

Disposer Cleaner
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Garbage Disposer Cleaner By Disposer Care


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Garbage Disposer Cleaner By Disposer Care

- Foams away odor-causing grunge.

- Eliminates offensive disposer odors while leaving behind a fresh lemon scent.

- Disposer Care is the most effective disposer cleaner on the market, removing 99+% of oder causing grudge.

- Cleans the entire disposer - sidewalls, blades and splashguard.

- Convenient, premeasured packets.

- More effective than home rememdies.

Disposer Care is scientifically designed and tested to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal. The powerful blue foaming action scrubs away food, grease and odors, cleaning your entire garbage disposal and drain, leaving a pleasant lemon fresh scent.

Disposer Care is easy to use. Simply drop in the individual cleaning packet and let your disposer do the work for you. No cleanup. Regular use of Disposer Care will eliminate odor-causing grunge.

Disposer Care is non-corrosive, biodegradable and safe for the septic system. It is also safe for pipes of all ages, including PVC pipes.


John's Review

So heres the deal on this product.  In the kitchen of our workplace we have a garbage disposer.  Now of course it is used quite often considering people are constantly in and out of the kitchen.  It got to the point when we couldnt even go near the disposer without smelling the scent of "garbage".  We used this product by Disposer Care in the disposer and it took the smell right away.  It was simple to use.  All you do is run the hot water, drop a pouch in and run the disposer.  Let me tell ya it is alot more pleasant eating food in the kitchen now.


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