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vibrating washering machine

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KE SHAKE AWAY PLUS PADS for Washers & Dryers
This package contains 4 KE Shake Away PLUS pads, designed to effectively reduce the transfer of vibration from machine to the floor surface on any type washer. Each pad measures 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” x 1” thick.
High Efficiency washers and dryers, including front load, top load, combo and stackables rotate at an average speed of 1200 RPM’s and above, which is twice the speed of conventional top load washing machines. After receiving many requests for a product that would reduce the vibration under these washers, Kellett stepped up to the task and designed this product.
Our KE Shake Away PLUS pads effectively reduces the vibration transfer from the machine to the floor with a 5 layer design.
Using the best materials and layering the materials ensures that the vibration and noise is dramatically reduced. We have sold our product for use under the following name brand front load washers and dryers:
*Whirlpool *Kenmore *Frigidaire *GE *Bosch *LG *And many more.
Working with our customers, we know that where the washer is located and the type of floor surface can make a difference. So, before you call the store and ask them to pick up that noisy washer, try our KE Shake Away PLUS pads....With the KE Shake Away PLUS Pads under your front load washer and dryer you can expect years of trouble-free service.


1.      What happens to the pads over time?  Our pads will last as long as the life expectancy of the most popular high efficiency machines sold today.

2.      Does the material break down and the vibration get worse?  No.  The materials do not break down.  In the first 72 hours after installation, a slight compression occurs on the top layer of neoprene, to affix the position of the machine foot on the pad.  After this the pads’ performance is consistent for years to come.

3.      Does the material stain wood floors?   We are not aware of any cases where the pad material has stained wood floors.

4.      Is it toxic?  The materials used in the manufacture of the pad are not toxic. 

5.      What happens if the washer isn’t level?  The more unleveled the washer is, the worse the vibration.  This principle applies with or without the pads.

6.      What about various load sizes and levels of unbalance?  New high efficiency machines are designed to distribute the load as evenly as possible in the drum and if an extreme unbalance occurs they will stop and display an error.

7.      What happens when the pads are exposed to various detergents or bleaches?  Detergents, fabric softeners, bleaches, and floor cleaning products have no effect on the pad materials.

8.      Can the KE Shake Away Plus pads be used under a pedestal?  Yes, the pads are designed to work effectively even under pedestals.

9.      What if a water pan is used under the washer?  In this case, the pan should rest on the floor with the pads inside the pan.  Then the washer should sit on the pads.


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