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PA060052 Grill Cooking Grates Viking "T" models

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CODE: PA060052

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PA060052 Grill Cooking Grates.

This is the porcelain coated cooking grate for all push button ignition "T" model Viking gas grills. (VGBQ0302T, VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT are examples of "T" models). Measures 23 1/4" x 11 1/2".  You should consider upgrading to a new cast iron porcelain coated grate part number 002369-000.  These heavy duty grates are more durable with both the cast iron interior and an extra thick porcelain coating.

If you are going to order grates for this years cookouts.....why not get your hands on some new cooking utensils like spatulas, turners and more....Click here to see more outdoor grill products available.

The model numbers below are the grills that take the PA060052

  • DVGBQ3002RT
  • VGBQ3002RE
  • VGBQ5304RE
  • VGIQ410
  • DVGBQ4103RT
  • VGBQ3002RT
  • VGBQ5304RT
  • VGIQ530
  • DVGBQ4122RT
  • VGBQ4103RE
  • VGBQ5323RE
  • VGIQ5323RT
  • DVGBQ5304RT
  • VGBQ4103RT
  • VGBQ532T
  • DVGBQ5323RT
  • VGBQ4122RE
  • VGIB242T
  • VGBQ0302T
  • VGBQ4122RT
  • VGIQ3002RT

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