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Ice Makers

Ice Makers
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U-LINE Ice Maker #80-54372-00 (Replaces 402, 67004, 67004-s, & 67004-02-S)

CODE: 80-54372-00

List price: $249.00

Our price : $199.00

You save: $50.00 (20%)

The U-Line ice maker #80-54372-00 (Replacing 402, 67004, 67004-s, & 67004-02-S) is the replacement for most U-Line ice makers, including the popular 402 and 67004-S icemakers. This is an original U-Line part. The Icemaker #80-54372-00 comes with aluminastic-c which is a aluminum - base, resilient, compound which is excellent for sealing all the joints.  If you dont think you need a new icemaker, maybe you only need to clean your ice maker.  Just take a look at U-Line's factory authorized  37050 Ice Machine Cleaner


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