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MA-LINE Infrared Thermometer Gun MA-16510

CODE: MA-16510

List price: $77.36

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MA-LINE Infrared Thermometer Gun MA-16510

- Precise non-contact measurements, Laser pointer, Data hold, Auto power off, Hundreds of uses at home or at work, F/C Switchable, Backlight.

- Temperature range -4 F to 518 F, -20 C to 270 C

- This high quality infrared laser thermometer has a distance to spot ratio of 8 to 1. This means that if you have a foot wide area that you want to measure the temperature of, you can get an accurate reading up to 8 feet away.

- Comes complete with 9V battery

- Infrared laser thermometer dimensions are, Weight is 180g and it is 159 x 79 x 57.2 mm.

- Infrared laser thermometers quickly and easily take the surface temperature of any object. Just point, pull the trigger and easily read the   temperature on the display.

- laser pointer


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