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Freezer Thaw Alarm (MA-1660)

CODE: MA-1660

List price: $16.95

Our price : $14.95

You save: $2.00 (12%)

By far one of our most popular items. The "Freeze Alert" by MA-Line is for use with any domestic freezer or refrigerator/freezer.
Prevent expensive food lose for only $14.95. Warns against malfunction or if door is left ajar.


Kneepro Knee Pads (Ultra Flex II)


List price: $33.95

Our price : $23.99

You save: $9.96 (29%)

These "knee pro" knee pads are perhaps the most comfortable on the market. They are hard plastic shell outside with a rubber insert to protect floors and eliminate slippage. Inside they are comfortable foam rubber, so soft you don't even know you are kneeling. Satisfaction guaranteed or return for full refund.


289W Energy Saving Dryer Vent (was 291W)

CODE: 289W

List price: $22.95

Our price : $16.89

You save: $6.06 (26%)

The Energy Saving Dryer Vent Closure™ keeps outside air out as well as birds, bugs, and rodents; as opposed to conventional dryer vents, where outside air enters your home through the exposed dryer vent, which means higher heating bills in winter and higher cooling bills in summer. It can be painted and easily mounted over a 4" vent pipe.


Glide n' Guard Floor Protectors

CODE: 93001

List price: $24.95

Our price : $19.95

You save: $5.00 (20%)

Glide n' Guard Floor Protectors

This is a must product for protecting your expensive floors.
Makes moving appliances out for cleaning or maintenance a breeze.
Recommended by many flooring manufacturers to prevent scratches.



CODE: 13131

List price: $32.50

Our price : $24.95

You save: $7.55 (23%)

KE SHAKE AWAY PLUS PADS for Washers & Dryers
This package contains 4 KE Shake Away™ PLUS pads, designed to effectively reduce the transfer of vibration from machine to the floor surface on any type washer. Each pad measures 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” x 1” thick.


100 Piece Assorted Drill Bits

CODE: BX-100

List price: $24.50

Our price : $18.99

You save: $5.51 (22%)

 BX-100 100pc SAE & Metric Power Drill Bits Assorted Set

Bits Included: Philips Reducer, Philips,Flat,Triangle, Tri-Wing, Eye Bow Bits, Torq Wing, SAE Hex, Tamper Proof SAE Hex, Star, Tamper Proof Star Bits, Clutch, Pozidriv, Square,XZN spline bits, Spinner, Bits holder, Magnetic Extension, Socket Adapter, Drywall Protector, Tamper Proof Metric Hex.


Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pad By Vibe Away


List price: $20.99

Our price : $15.85

You save: $5.14 (24%)

VibeAway™ pads are specially designed washing machine anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers. The 100% crumb rubber pad, made from recycled tires, is designed to reduce the transfer of vibration that occurs in most typical washing and drying cycles.

Vibration Video


Touchpad Membrane Tester TT2000

CODE: TT2000

List price: $56.96

Our price : $49.95

You save: $7.01 (12%)

Touchpad Membrane Tester TT2000

For use on: Microwaves, Ranges, Ovens, Dishwashers, washers and dryers

The membrane touchpad tester takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting control panels

No batteries required


EZ Handi Flame refillable grill lighter


List price: $3.99

Our price : $1.79

You save: $2.20 (55%)

Handi Flame Butane Refillable Gas Lighter is ideal for barbeques, charcoal/gas grills, fireplaces, camping, lanterns, stoves, campfires, candles, pilot lights, water heaters, ovens and furnaces, etc. Useful because of its extended lighter for use to get in hard to reach places. Refillable so you don't have to keep buying lighters, just butane fluid.


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