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 How Does Your Clothes Dryer Work?

Dryers use a combination of heat, air, and kinetic motion (movement) to dry clothes.  To understand the 3 forces at work, think about how your clothes would dry on a clothesline.  A bright sun and a dry breeze will dry your clothes in a snap.  The air moving through the fibers in the clothing, in combination with the radiant heat of the sun, pull and evaporate moisture from your clothes and get them dry.  A dryer does the same thing.

All dryers use a heating element (if electric) or a gas burner to generate heat.  Air comes in from the environment, passes through this heating element, and goes into the drum.  The heated air passes through the clothes, pulling moisture (and lint) with it, and goes out the back of the dryer. The exhaust hose carries the hot, moisture-laden air out to the outside of the house.  When the clothes reach approximately 90% dry (or 10% relative humidity), a moisture sensor stops the drying cycle, unless the customer has selected the time-dry option, which keeps the cycle going for the predetermined amount of time.  Important footnote: Only use the timed-dry cycle when drying articles, such as shoes, on a drying rack.  It is not wise to use it for normal drying because it will cause over or under-drying, consuming more energy and damaging your clothes in the process.  Always use an automatic dry cycle.

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