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Contractors Corner

Contractors Corner
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Flood Alert Alarm

CODE: MA-1665

List price: $16.95

Our price : $9.95

You save: $7.00 (41%)
This simple device could save you thousands in home repairs caused by water damage. When the water reaches the level of the sensor the flood alarm will sound to alert you before the water overflows. You can now eliminate flooded basements, garages, laundry rooms, bathrooms, pools, sinks, toilets, spas and hot-water heaters.

Jumbo Digit Hygro/Thermometer MA-BDHTR


List price: $23.63

Our price : $18.95

You save: $4.68 (20%)

Jumbo Digit Hygro/Thermometer MA-BDHTR

- Jumbo LCD display shows both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.

- Maximum and minimum temperature and humidity memory function

- Daily reset of min/max records function with internal clock

- Indoor temperature range: +23F to +122F (-10C to +70C)

- Outdoor temperature range: -58F to +158F (-50C to +70C)

- Instant Fahrenheit/centigrade switch

- Humidity Range 20% to 99% with 1% resolution

- Wall mount or table design

- AAA battery included


Digital Stem Thermometer with Rotating Head Design by MA-Line


List price: $32.63

Our price : $28.00

You save: $4.63 (14%)

MA-RT340 MA-LINE Digital Stem Thermometer w/ 180 degree Rotating Head

This specially designed unit includes an on/off switch and an automatic shut-off after 10 minutes.  It measures temperatures ranging from -58F to 302F.  The accuracy is rated a +2 in the center range unit.  This unit comes complete with battery.  The unique feature of this unit is the ability to rotate the head of the unit a full 180 degrees.


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