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BBQ Grill Parts

BBQ Grill Parts

Barbecue, a method of cooking meat over outdoor, open pits of coals, comes from the Spanish word "barbacoa." Barbecue entered the United States through Virginia and South Carolina in the late seventeenth century by way of slaves imported from the West Indies. The barbecue as a social event became very popular during the 1890s, when the United States began building its national park system, and Americans began socializing outdoors. However, the barbecue as a site for political campaigning dates back to George Washington. Candidates often held barbecues on the grounds of the county courthouse, offering free food in return for an opportunity to share their political platform with the dining public. Although initially associated with poorer citizens, barbecue, as both a method of cooking and recreation, spread to the middle and upper classes by the middle of the twentieth century and continues to dominate the southern United States's cultural landscape today.

Anatomy of a grill


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EZ Handi Flame refillable grill lighter


List price: $3.99

Our price : $1.79

You save: $2.20 (55%)

Handi Flame Butane Refillable Gas Lighter is ideal for barbeques, charcoal/gas grills, fireplaces, camping, lanterns, stoves, campfires, candles, pilot lights, water heaters, ovens and furnaces, etc. Useful because of its extended lighter for use to get in hard to reach places. Refillable so you don't have to keep buying lighters, just butane fluid.



CODE: 002369-000

List price: $309.48

Our price : $259.48

You save: $50.00 (16%)
002369-000 POWER Porcelain Full Grill Cooking Grate Viking. Replaces PA060052 for "T" model Viking Gas Grills. (VGBQ0302T, VGBQ3002RT, VGBQ4103RT these are examples of "T" models). Measures 23 1/4" x 11 1/2".


CODE: 002370-000

List price: $267.63

Our price : $217.63

You save: $50.00 (19%)

002370-000 Half Power Porcelain Grate - WE RECOMMEND!!

This grate replaces the old PA060053 grates. We have compared and we are impressed!

Have your porcelain grates rusted? How would you like brand new POWER porcelain grates - they are made of CAST IRON, not steel AND the Porcelain Coating is SUPER thick - we're not kidding - you will wonder why you lived without these HEAVY-DUTY, heat-conducting, grates! and the SEAR marks? Perfect! The picture doesn't do it justice. Feel, See, and Taste the difference. Power Porcelain┘ Cast Iron Grates: These grates are made of cast iron, the finest conductor of heat available, and are coated with heavy-duty porcelain to reduce sticking and make cleanup easy.


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