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Hand Trucks / Dollies

Moving an appliance? Moving some boxes? Just want a hand truck? You've come to the right place! If you need something small or something large, we have the hand truck for you!


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Tall AllDolly For Moving Stacked Washer/Dryer Combos Or Wall Ovens


List price: $489.95

Our price : $425.00

You save: $64.95 (13%)

NEW! Just the thing for servicing stacked washer / dryer systems or even wall ovens. The Tall AllDolly has the added value of a taller leg assembly which makes the maximum service height of 42" just perfect for most stacked washer / dryer systems.


Yeats Model #5 (47") Small Dolly


List price: $291.50

Our price : $241.50

You save: $50.00 (17%)

The Yeats "Shorty" is designed for moving TV sets, room air conditioners, as well as other smaller appliances. Fits easily in small trucks and has the same features as the standard Yeats Dolly.

Model #5

Height: 47"

Weight: 32.5 lbs.


Yeats Model #7 (59") Single Strap Dolly


List price: $295.79

Our price : $245.79

You save: $50.00 (17%)

The "Standard" model of Yeats Appliance Dollies. A single strap and ratchet holds down your load making it easy to move all types of appliances, including water heaters, refrigerators, and ranges.

Model #7

Height: 59"

Weight: 37 lbs.


Yeats Model #16 (65") Two Strap Dolly


List price: $345.40

Our price : $295.40

You save: $50.00 (14%)

Designed for large freezers, refigerators, and excellent for commercial boxes. When you need something bigger than the standard but smaller than the #9, this is your dolly.

Model #16

Height: 65"

Weight: 44.5 lbs.


Yeats Big Wheel Attachment (Part # Y33)


List price: $162.12

Our price : $112.12

You save: $50.00 (31%)
Newly updated Big Wheel attachment works with all models of Yeats Dollies. Light weight aluminum brackets & 4.10/3.50-4 4 ply tires and tubes. Rolls heavy loads very easily and smoothly over all types of terrain.

Yeats Two Man Handle (Part # Y44)


[Contact us for a price]

Out of stock

The new Yeats two man handle attachment provides multiple movers with excellent side by side lifting and maneuverability. Move heavy or bulky items on stairs and through doorways with ease. Cushioned brackets allow dolly to be laid horizontally without damaging flooring.

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